Jay Park – Raw Sh!t

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I made it made it like
construction boy I paved the way
I’m cakin’ cakin’ fuck you
I’m gettin’ paid today
And every other day matter of fact
Pat on the back if you made
the shot then I’m the
one who made the play
This right here ain’t for
K-Pop fans No K-Pop dance
Shots in the stomach AR-AB
But no bullets man
I’m talkin’ bout that dark liquor,
hard spitta’, broad getta’
success I’m gettin’ to that far quicka’
This that moment of clarity
Mic burstin’ into flames
like I filled it with kerosene
Life is a pretty bitch and
I’m askin’ where is she?
Tell me please so I can find her
and then ask her to marry me
Yeah This legendary flow
call it Pac call it Jov
Yeah I’m bussin’ down yo do’ sucka’
how you wanna go?
Eenie Miny Moe
Pick and choose either way you lose
when I’m in the booth have these
rappers shakin’ in their boots

Jeonseoljeogin sungan
In a legendary moment
Nae seukejyul pyoreul bomyeon alge doelgeol who’t hot
You’ll know Who’s hot when you see my schedule
Na malgo nuga
Who besides me
R&p myeongbaneul naego naseo baro
Can put out an R&B album then right away
I biteureul wihae raphae boom bap
Rap for this beat Boom bap
Yeah I bust it (but it)
Yeah I bust it (bus it)
Timeoni kadeuga chungjeondoen geoscheoreom
Like my train card is reloaded
Nothin’ aomkneun nae mamsogeseobuteo
Nothin’ AOMG comes from my heart
Sijakdwaeji ije nuga bwado number 1 f*ck a gun
It’s begun, I’m Number 1 no matter who sees me f*ck a gun
Nae mugineun nae kkang tansan raebeul soda baeteo
My weapon is my balls, I spit rhymes like fizzy soda
Tansan raebeul soda baeteo yuchihani?
Spittin’ fizzy rap soda, is it tacky?
Bakjaebeomeun jjijji patiro ingireul yujihaji
Park Jae Bum keeps up his popularity with titty parties
Nah momjjangdeureun yeonyegyee neollyeosseo
Nah hot bods are everywhere among celebs
Nae bigyeoreun sillyeok this that aomg hustle
My secret is my skills This that AOMG hustle
Yeah what the f*ck you gonna do
Yeah What the f*ck you gonna do
When we run up on you
When we run up on you
Nae mome saja du mari I’m a f*ckin’ jungle
I’ve got two lions on my body I’m a f*ckin’ jungle
Check yo mic like 1 and 2
Check yo mic like 1 and 2
Ne gasa jongi jeobeodwo
Put away your lyrics
Raebeul jalhaebwassja nae jinjeongseongeun mot igyeo pro
You can’t win over my authenticity no matter how well you can rap Bro
Remember this
Mwol haedo bakjaebeom eonje seongsilhae
Park Jae Bum is always hard working no matter what he does
Mc hammer boy you ain’t touchin’ me
Mc Hammer boy You ain’t touchin’ me
5nyeonjjae I hiphapssineul nae deung wie eophine
I’ve carried the hip-hop scene on my back for 5 years

Junimi naeryeojusin naui jaeneungi heodoeji anhge
So that my god-given talent doesn’t go to waste
Cheonguge gyedaneul han dangyessik up to the promise
I climb stairway to Heaven step by step Up to the promise
Rand naui plan geungjeongui himeul peoteuryeo
Land my plan, I spread power of positivity
Jeokdeureun mangchiryeogo aesseuneun yeogineun akmadeurui cheonji
This place is full of demons trying to sabotage the enemy
Virusgeollin naraga deudieo wanchidoegireul gidohae
I pray that our virus-ridden nation is cured
Jinjeonghan rideoga piryohae
It needs a real leader
Agi gadeuk chan umjigim
It’s a movement full of evil
Pihaejaneun uriji
We are the victims
Man it’s all f*cked up
Man It’s all f*cked up
Huimangeul gajigo chosbureul kyeoji
We light our candles with hope
I don’t support dirty politicians
I support the people that’s wishing,
for a better life better world
For all the boys and girls
But with food, water and
media they try to poison us
When will stop killers frontin’ like they cops
PPL prayin’ in the house of
God afraid they gon’ get shot
I know it won’t get better in day
But I hope it don’t get worse I pray


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